Dear our friends,


Thank you for your continued support for Ikefukurou Cafe.


Due to the huge impact of COVID-19 that started this year, Ikefukurou Cafe faced a serious difficulty sustaining the business in the recent months.


With much regret, we’ve made a decision to close our business as of October 18th 2020.


After the closure, our owls will be moved to a new home in Akagiyama, Maebashi City, Gunma prefecture. From this new home, we will seek for new ways for people to relate to not only owls but variety of animals, perhaps in a style that's different from so-called “animal cafe”.


The magnetism of our owls are so strong that they’ve recently come to attract Maebashi city government’s interest. The government is now offering us support to create new opportunities for people to interact with various kinds of animals, including our owls.


In the meantime, our owls will be enjoying some quiet time in the new home.  


Before we start our new service in Maebashi city, we’ll send you updates with details of the new service. 


Once again, we’d like to extend our biggest gratitude to our dear guests in Japan and dear guests from overseas!


Hoping to see you again in the future.


Ikefukurou Cafe